Bradley Scherzer



The following is a collection of resources and online activities for students. The age range varies greatly between links so click around, explore, and enjoy! If a link is broken, my apologies, please email me at and, if possible, I will fix it.

    Secondary & Middle Online Activities

  1. CyberMuse - Youth
    Careers, Drawing with Light, Deconstructing Art, Discovering your favorite style, the Five Major Mediums, Postcards from the National Gallery of Canada

    Elementary Online Activities

  2. Eduweb - Online Activity Links
  3. MET: Explore & Learn
    Amazing, extensive, and diverse stories and games on artists, cultural art, and art history from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  4. Inside Art: An Art History Game
  5. SmARTkids
    University of Chicago's Smart Museum of Art interactive art games, clue hunts, and tours
  6. NGAkids Art Zone
    National Gallery of Art offers an array of interactive online art activities that are fun for children of all ages. Interactives such as Photo Op, Dutch Dollhouse, Jungle, and Collage Machine encourage compositional experimentation and a vivid understanding of collage and photomontage techniques; BRUSHSter and PaintBox are painting tools that encourage free expression and visual experimentation; Pixelface is a hands-on virtual portrait activity.
  7. A. Pintura: Art Detective
    As A. Pintura, a 1940's-style detective with a degree in art history, you must identify the artist of a mystery painting.
  8. Destination Modern Art |
  9. CyberMuse - Artissimo
    Eye Spies, stories in art, color mixing, postcards, gallery, mystery games, crosswords, and more from The National Gallery of Canada
  10. Kerpoof Studio
  11. Elementary Stories & Storybooks

  12. Golden Gems - Storybooks online
    Many scanned older storybooks canned page by page in high quality. Excellent illustrations.
  13. Storyline Online
  14. KOL Jr. Stories
    Online Picture Books Read Aloud including Arthur books, animal stories, family stories and rhyming stories.
  15. Arturo's Art Stories!
    Interactive stories using art and symbols to find clues and complete the stoies from the Dallas Museum of Art.
  16. BrainPOP
    Animated video summaries of all sorts of subjects.
  17. Free Image & Drawing Tools

  18. Pixlr - Online Photo Editor
    Similar to Photoshop. Pixlr is a free online photo editor. Edit, adjust and filter your images. No registration jump right in!
  19. GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
    Must be dowloaded but a Photoshop alternative.
  20. Phixr - Online Photo Editor
  21. Artrage Demos
  22. - Make a Blabber!
  23. Picnik - Photo editing
    Simplistic photo editor, great fro making images for holiday and other cards.
  24. BeFunky - Photo Effects and Photo Editing
    Allows you to edit and adjust photos and then to apply filters and effects to the images. Rather extensive collection of filters and effects.
  25. JPGfun
    Diverse and numerous photo templates and effects. Careful some images that users post at the bottom can be mature, no filter.
  26. Poladroid
    Polaroid Image Maker
  27. Personalized Money
  28. TiltShiftMaker
    Make things look miniature. Create your tilt-shift picture